Alometrics is a Spain-Israel based Corporation dealing with disruptive technology with high commercial value impact. Our senior team has a strong industrial, finance, legal, technology and networking background.

We strive in capturing every single opportunity to improve efficiency and competitiveness in our target companies thru disruptive and innovative products coming from international technology valleys including the Israel Technology Valley.

We find the best technology available for our customers who need to get adapted to the new digital environment. We also bring together our technology suppliers with prospective investors providing a broad range of analysis and connection services to this end.

We keep the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality in a client-oriented business model with a view on their actual needs and seeking always for the best customer solution. We have an extensive network in Spain, Europe, Latin America and Israel.

Our customers and suppliers are primarily focused on Mobility, IOT, AGtech, Industry 4.0, infrastructure and Security projects, FoodTech, FinnTech and Cleantech. If your company is working around these technological areas do not hesitate to contact us.